Hashnode Bootcamp III: Personal Experience

Hashnode Bootcamp III: Personal Experience

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Hello Fellow Codenewbies 👋,

I joined Hashnode in November 2020. And by that time, Hashnode Bootcamp II already ended.
So when Hashnode announced Hashnode Bootcamp III, I registered without thinking twice.

My experience with Hashnode Bootcamp III

This is the first technical blogging Bootcamp that I attended. And my experience was excellent!
I gained a lot of knowledge and insights from the talks. Ranging from technical writing to building a portfolio.
Adding to my excitement, the speakers are well-known developers in their fields. Sam Julien, Ali Spittel, Colby Fayock, Akintunde Sultan, Annie 🦄⚡ and Samson Goddy.
You can watch all the talks here.

My thoughts after attending Hashnode Bootcamp III

  • Want to start creating my portfolio.
  • Make more plans when I'll want to write technical articles.
  • Do more research and learn about SEO and web monetization.
  • Confront my fear to find and contribute to open-source.

My Articles

And at the end of the Bootcamp, I wrote these articles:

Final Words

Hashnode Bootcamp III has been a great experience for me.
Thank you to all speakers and Hashnode's team for making this happened! ⭐
I hope I could attend the next Hashnode Bootcamp. 😊

Thank you for reading!
Last but not least, you can find me on Twitter. Let's connect! 😊

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