How I Got Into Learn To Code

How I Got Into Learn To Code

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Ayu Adiati
·Jul 12, 2020·

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It was all started with my photography hobby.
Yes. You read it right.

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One day in the beginning of 2018, I had a chat with a friend. We talked about many things until she saw my photos that I've uploaded for sell on a stockphoto platform. Then she asked me why don't I write a personal blog about my life living in another country and to showcase my works. I thought, 'That's a good idea.'

So I began to Google everything about how to create a website until I bumped into articles about web development. Out of curiosity, I browsed deeper and I found about freeCodeCamp. I thought, 'Well let me try a couple of lessons just to know what this is'. But that couple lessons ended up to be half way through HTML part. I got hooked!

I am more an audio-visual kind of person in terms of study. It's much more easier for me to digest when someone explain something to me verbally and see the explanation visually in the same time rather than reading something. So I started taking a Udemy course, The Web Development Bootcamp by Colt Steele.

When it hit the JavaScript part, the story changed. I got confused with everything and start to doubt myself. (later on, I learn that this is what so called imposter syndrome).

The Power of Dev Community at Twitter

I wasn't a Twitter person. I have an account for ages, but I barely use it. One day, exhausted from juggling between taking care an almost 2 years old and doing house chores during the day and learning at nights, I picked up my phone, open my Twitter and just let out my frustration on these.

No one ever response to my Twitter before, like literally. But that day, I got notifications on Twitter, mostly from moms who also learn to code with kids! They all encouraged me! I thought, WOW! I'm not alone! And I start to look around and found so many great people with their awesome journey. I get pumped!

Life took over

My mom who was my root, the biggest support in my life, passed away at the end of 2018. My world was crumbling down. I took a long break from learn to code. And honestly, I didn't even know at that time if I ever gonna get back to it.

The Coming Back

Everytime I touched my laptop, the feeling of excitement when I rendered my first Hello World in HTML keeps coming back. I wanted to go on, but the fear of impostor syndrome and stopping to learn again holds me back.

Then I made up my mind. On January 2019, I grabbed my phone and made a new account on Twitter. I started fresh and my #100DaysofCode journey begins. And since then I only move forward.

I maybe not as fast as others, I might have more limited time than others in a day, I still get plenty of imposter syndromes, but I believe that persistently taking one small step would still bring me forward.

As I read one quote somewhere before,

"Diamonds form under pressure. Whenever you feel under pressure, you're in a powerful place of transformation. TRUST THE PROCESS."

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