Upgrading pgAdmin 4 For PostgreSQL 12 (Windows 10)

Upgrading pgAdmin 4 For PostgreSQL 12 (Windows 10)


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We just installed PostgreSQL 12 on our Windows 10.
Now we can use pgAdmin 4 โ€“ the graphical tool with the installer package for managing and developing our database.

Starting pgAdmin 4

  1. Click the start menu
  2. Go to PostgreSQL
  3. Select and click pgAdmin4

It then asks us to create a master password.
The master password is required to unlock saved passwords and reconnect to the database server(s).
Create the password, and then we're good to go.

Upgrading pgAdmin 4

I got the case where the PostgreSQL 12 installer comes with pgAdmin 4 version 4.21 while the latest version is 4.23.

pgAdmin 4 version message

In this post, we will upgrade it to the latest version.

Installation Steps

  • Go to uninstall PostgreSQL.

    We can find the uninstall application by going to the directory where PostgreSQL 12 is installed on our machine.

PostgreSQL directory in local storage

  • Select uninstall "individual components" and select only the pgAdmin 4 to uninstall the older version.

Uninstall Dialog

  • Download the latest version of pgAdmin 4 here and start the installation.

    It will first prompt us to a dialog where we can select the installation folder.
    By default, it will offer us to install pgAdmin 4 in C:\Program Files (x86).

Installation Dialog

We want to install it in the same directory as our PostgreSQL 12 to replace the older version.

  • Browse and select the directory where PostgreSQL 12 is installed
  • Select the version subfolder to install pgAdmin 4

Installation Dialog

  • Click next to create pgAdmin 4 shortcuts in Start Menu

Installation Dialog

  • Select the PostgreSQL 12 folder, then click OK and install

Installation Dialog

And there, now we have the latest version of pgAdmin 4 ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Thank you for reading!
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