Why I Use And Recommend Hashnode

Why I Use And Recommend Hashnode


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Hello Fellow Dev Bloggers ๐Ÿ‘‹

I always wanted to write and publish blog posts on my website. It is one reason that leads me to learn web development. But one thing leads to another, I never started writing.

Last November, I pushed myself to take part in the NaNoWriMo challenge with my lovely community, Virtual Coffee.
Finally, I could uncheck one of my bucket lists by writing an article! ๐ŸŽ‰
A week into the challenge, I found out about Hashnode through a tweet from Catalin Pit.
So I gave it a try and I only experience good things since then.
I write this article simply because I enjoy using Hashnode.

Why I Use Hashnode


Top Reasons To Use Hashnode

Personal Domain

I learned that having a domain is very important since I wrote.
With a personal domain, you can have full control over your content, brand yourselves, and getting more visibility.
Hashnode makes it possible for you to use your own domain.
If you don't have one, you still can use the Hashnode's default domain.

Custom Appearance

You can customize the look of your blog such as adding your logo and change the color of your header.
You can do more when you become an ambassador.

GitHub Backup

You can back up your articles on GitHub by installing the Hashnode GitHub App. Once it's set up, all new articles and changes are automatically pushed to the repo when you publish or save them.
You can also download all articles in JSON format whenever you need them.


Hashnode will provision an SSL certificate for your domain when you visit it for the first time. Thus, you don't need to worry about security matters.

What Are The Other Reasons?


You can integrate 3rd party analytic providers such as Google, Fathom, Plausible, and a few others.
You can also integrate Web Monetization Payment Pointer.


Hashnode provides a free built-in newsletter service that you can enable so that your subscribers won't miss your latest article.


Some challenges on Hashnode could help you build habits in writing, such as:

  • #2Articles1Week
    Write 2 articles in 1 week for 4 weeks in a row.
  • Crazy Blogger
    Write 1 article every day for 7 days a row.
  • and many more.

Besides that, Hashnode also holds hackathons with partnerships.

This time, from February 8 to February 28, in partnership with AWS Amplify, they are holding the "AWS Amplify Hackathon on Hashnode".
Interest to take part or want to know more? You can check it out here

Team & Community

The community on discord is very active and engaging, and the Hashnode team responds fast to complaints.


Hashnode keeps growing and adds more and more features for a better user experience.


Does it sound too good to be true?
Well, don't only buy my words.
Read this article by Edidiong Asikpo about why developers use Hashnode.
If you haven't, come join me on Hashnode and see you around! ๐Ÿ˜„

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